Monday, July 29, 2013


Good Morning! Can't believe it is Monday already. Did you do anything fun this weekend? My soon to be sister-in-law took me to her Wine Club Social where we got to pair seven different wines with yummy foods to go with each. It was a blast and I am totally organizing this for my friends around here! Thanks for taking me Andrea :)

Small corners can be hard to decorate in the house but with lots of time and patience and gathering pieces you love, it all comes together! The black occasional piece, mirror, and sconce all came from consignment. There are actually two sconces but the other one is on the opposite wall. They were gold and made in Italy, so I of course, could not pass them up! Anything made in Italy is an "Il take it" moment for me because I know its quality and well, I am just obsessed with anything Italian in general. They really cosy up the wall space and allow for extra lighting when I host dinner parties! 

Hope this inspires you to decorate a small space of your own! Thanks for popping in :)

XoXo, J


  1. Yay for sisterly bonding! :-)
    I love hydrangeas and gold- this small space is so inspiring!

  2. I shared this post on to share your great Rodgers Forge home ideas with our neighbors!

  3. yay!!! Thank you so Mol! I appreciate you sending it to people you know! I will try again :)