Thursday, August 29, 2013


 Morning! Italy was the most magical place in the whole world and words cant even describe how amazing this trip really was. Tyler, myself, and two of my best friends got to see so many amazing places when we traveled through Italy. We stopped in a Medieval town called San Gimignano in Tuscany where I got to meet one of the coolest and sweetest lady's of all times. This was one of my favorite towns by far!

Lucia Boni designs some of the most beautiful handwoven mohair capes I have ever seen. They are all handcrafted on a loom and I was lucky enough to see her studio where she creates these amazing pieces. Lucia produced some of the costumes for the film "Hamlet"and she even let me try on one of the costumes Mel Gibson wore in the movie!! She also created an entire line for Vogue. Ahh, so cool!  

I couldn't help but to buy one of her capes. I went home with the blue one and I will never forget Lucia and how sweet she was to me, even though we could hardly understand each other :) I will be sure to style this cape in one of my blog posts when it gets colder. Check out Lucia's website here to see more.

 Hope you have fun plans for Labor day. I am off to relax by the water, drink cocktails, and go sailing! I will be sure to take lots of pictures. 

XoXo, J

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