Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Choosing the perfect fabric

Choosing a fabric for your home is never easy, especially when you are the one that has to look at it every day. I loved so many different patterns that it took me forever to find a fabric I could finally say "Yes" to. 

I chose a larger pattern for both my chair and draperies because I simply could not choose between them! If you LOVE a specific pattern on a fabric, start with that and work around it. I typically like to work with four patterns in each room. Some patterns are small, some large, and I always like to choose something out of the ordinary to add flare. 

My favorite fabric collections come from Thibaut designs. Thibaut offers novelty patterns and also uses an amazing quality yarn to make the fabric super durable and made to last. Almost my entire house is designed by Thibaut and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Another important tip is to choose something that is practical. My first time around, I went simply for appearance. Now, not only do I need to love the look of the pattern, but the fabric also has to stand up to my everyday comfortable living and Gino, my pup!

Try to have fun when choosing fabrics and remember that if you love it, you will make it work. It all comes together in the end!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and be sure to look for my newest post coming this Friday!

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  1. Love that you have a post about choosing fabric because I find it so overwhelming. And yay for Gino making an appearance!